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03 January 2015


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Hi Diane, I love Austin (half of my family lives there now)!

You know, I was wondering if a lot of this has to do with age. When you're younger and just starting out, the world is full of so many possibilities, and it's one of the ways we get to know ourselves, having our hands in so many different pies (that versatility often helps you pay the rent as well).

But the older I get, the more I find myself hampered by too many options. I'm still craving the fullness of life, but I also want to do quieter, more thoughtful work.

Thank you for you kind words. Happy New Year!


Happy New Year, Margery! I hear you re: all the "stuff." It's a battle I face all year round, especially working from home. I get rid of things, more stuff moves in, and it goes on and on. But I've been taking a new approach lately. Instead of asking myself whether something is too "valuable" to toss, I do a gut check and determine whether I've outgrown a particular pursuit. It's really been freeing me up to let things go - and there are teachers and other creatives, with a limited budget, who get to use all those "valuable" things that were cutting into my precious space. I feel like I'm going to be more creative when I've pared it down to fewer choices. The process is so time consuming, but my brain is begging for it.


I am a former New Orleanian, now an Austinite and find your blog and your creativity inspiring.

Less has definitely been my word for many years now...more so as I get older.

Thank you for this thoughtful post.


I'll have to read what Diana says at Be Nice Box. I too like to have a word for the year. Last year my word was "intentional" and I might keep it for 2015 as well. There is a lot of "stuff" taking up valuable space in my little studio and it clutters my room as well as my mind. "Intentional" reminds me to CHOOSE what I want to do: Keep this, get rid of that. In some ways, it makes it easy to accept that "less" is more: more time, more space, more breathing!


Katie, I checked out Diana's blog and I really like the idea of having a word. In fact, I've been thinking of the word "less" ever since you mentioned it (which helped me unsubscribe to 50 marketing emails today (how does that happen?!) and give away another box of possessions. Small steps, but lighter already!


Christy, I think you're right. Especially with women, I think the concept of self kindness is one of those things that always falls to the bottom of the list. But really, if we take the time we need, we're always so much better in what we do for others!


Shalagh - You, my friend, are just bursting with pent-up creative energy, so I hope you will grab all you can this year and do everything that you can happily manage! I hereby give you permission. :) Happy New Year!

Shalagh Hogan

I am such a big fan of You Suzonne. Permission to BE allows for all of the good stuff. Creativity and love and patience and generosity. Lovely. Here's also hoping for the permission this year to have the space and time to do what really makes your ( and my) heart sing out.


Beautifully written and perfectly timed. Thank you for the inspiration Suzonne.

Happy New Year and best wishes always.



Thank you for sharing this. It's just what I needed to hear. I need to focus this year on having less stuff and more adventures. And also to just remember to breathe and enjoy the moments of my retirement.

I'm hoping to move to Florida and I need to purge a lot of unneeded pocessions.

Happy New Year!

Christy Keyton

I SO agree with this. It is ridiculous to burden oneself with a list of so many resolutions and decisions just because the date on the calendar changed. It is so much kinder to oneself to take time to rest, think, "breathe" as you say and be purposeful, not panicky!


Yes! Be Nice Box (her name is Diana, check it out if you haven't already!) is also choosing "less" as her word for 2015. I think its a great concept. We have so much in our lives, I think its healthier to let some of it go.

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