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14 January 2015


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Thank you, I take a lot of notes throughout the month because (as I’m sure you know) it’s so hard to remember things if they’re not written down!


I am addicted to KonMari tidying. Just redid my closet and it is so serene now in there. My T shirts are all standing up folded on shelves and the few clothing items I kept are hanging lovingly on a rod. I donated 2 bags of things and feel so free. Now on to my craft supplies.


It does resonate in me. But I have been procratinating, not knowing where to start clearing (my space, my mind). Now that I know it is worth the effort and that I will probably feel better after it, I feel more motivated to give it a start so thank you !


Whew, yes, this resonates. I REALLY like the mindset of asking "does this bring me joy?" and/or "have I outgrown it?" Thank you.
Press on Suzonne, press on. There will be clarity and the sweet freedom of not carrying around all that "stuff".


I've felt for the last year or so, that sense you describe of waiting for something. And I like the idea of cleaning out the old as you wait for the new to emerge. Time to get tossing!

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