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12 November 2014


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Margery, that's just rich with possibilities! Ha! At least we know it means you're good with the living AND the dead!


I distinctly remembering taking a personality test as a college freshman, art major. It said I had a lot in common with a funeral home director. That always makes me laugh and then, wonder why? I might have to revisit Myers-Briggs and see what pops up now, after all these years.

Shalagh Hogan

So interesting that you actually found the test helpful in your life. I find them interesting and as telling as you put them to your own uses as you did.
I know you wouldn't be surprised if I told you I was an ENFP. But here's a twist. Growing up I took all sorts of psychological tests because my Dad, after graduating from Berkley with his PhD in this field and moving us to Baltimore to work at Hopkins,went on to create his own test called the Hogan Personality Inventory, now widely used in HR depts to understand which employees to advance to leadership positions. I will be checking out some of your links in my spare time.(trying to be serious)
Love to you and yours,

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