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06 August 2014


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Shalagh, the toddler years don't last forever (pros and cons to that, of course). I suspect one day we'll both have too much time on our hands (not such bad thing either), so yes, you should definitely add it to your list!

Shalagh Hogan

I lived a vicarious moment through reading even your thoughts on reading. I miss it. I also miss mini-series' with the likes of Frances McDormand as we cancelled our cable years ago. But I figure eventually I'll have too much time so I'll write this one down on my list Suzonne. I'm very happy for you.


Thanks, Dina. I appreciate that!


Stumbled upon your space here. Lovely.


Lisa - Yes, you're right. It's a huge GIFT!! When people tell me they hate to read, I always feel bad for them, knowing that they have no idea what they're missing. (Glad you're able to read again, too!)


Hi Suzonne,

I can really relate, for many years I had problems with my concentration due to a nervous system condition, and was without the joy of reading that I had always had in my youth. Although a simple pleasure, for me, reading is one of the greatest gifts a person can have.


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