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29 July 2014


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Shalagh, if I had a toddler to take care of, I think my life might completely implode. You do so very much - and you're awesome. The more difficult aspects of parenting will pass soon...you know, until you're dealing with teenagers. Ha!


Thank you, Catherine, for your kind words and for always being so supportive. Your kindness does not go unnoticed!

Shalagh Hogan

Well first, thank goodness you are well. And no need to feel guilty about that. Your boy needs you.
I know how it is to need the creative jolt. Sometimes only an edited phone photo posted to Instagram is what I get in a day. That can be enough. And yes, I am there with you waiting to be "there" again. Waiting to get back to being more you.
I want to see your pictures. Some of my favorites were your stalking around with your friend at nighttime in the Quarter in B & W.
We've started our no white diet again. And my hip keeps slipping slightly out of place sending me to the Chiropractor now over and over. It hurts to take care of my need to exercise. The baby is throwing me off in mental and physical ways. This too shall pass.
And don't get me started about abandoned gardens.
I am so glad to hear you are still there. Even if it's just enduring to an extent.
Love to you and yours,


What a beautiful piece of writing. You have touched my heart tonight. Glad to hear of your diagnosis (or lack thereof) and sending peaceful, healing thoughts your way.

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