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10 June 2014


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Veronica, thank you for that information. I will be sure to check it out. I had no idea the thyroid controlled so many functions, both physically and mentally. But so many of those symptoms aligned with what perimenopausal and menopausal women go through as well. It's given me a real window into how important it is to take action, not just live with the symptoms.


Thank you, Margery! By the way, I heard a rumor that the Hodsons will be here in New Orleans in the near future (for one of Hayley's tournaments). I think you should come at the same time and we can have a big reunion!


Thank you, Shalagh. You are always the best! Glad your husband got diagnosed - if he was anything like me, he was no fun to live with. :)


Thanks, Teresa! I'm always open to trying different skin products, even when I'm happy. Ha! But my skin has been getting drier as I get older, too. Could be the thyroid or just age, who knows. Obviously lots of humidity in the south, but winter is always a beast for me. So thanks for the info!


Wow! your post has struck a chord with me particularly your description of how you've been feeling. If I may offer the suggestion of a great book called It Must be my Hormones by Dr Marion Gluck and Vicki Edgson. This book has helped me get myself back on track by prompting me to take action. I am much older than you (53) but I think every woman should read this book no matter their age. I am also on Vit D - apparently most people do not get enough sun these days with our cover ups and block out creams. It has taken me about 4 yrs of trying different things and seeing different people to feel as good as I do now but I wonder if it could have happened sooner if I was on the right track earlier.


I always enjoy your "pursuit of beauty" posts - thanks for sharing. I hope you are finding opportunity for rest and enrichment, and that you feel much better soon!

Shalagh Hogan

"Because really, what good is younger looking skin if you feel like crap?" That is brilliant. You are smart and pretty and witty and way cooler than most people can dream to be. So glad you took your butt to the doctors. Husband came up with the same deficiency from his bloodwork too. Here's to feeling more youier.


Happy Birthday Suzonne! You do look fabulous. :) I love how kids say the first thing that pops into their head. Ha! I love hearing about your skin routine. I found Restorsea about a year ago and really like that too. I have super dry skin and moving to super dry Colorado didn't help!

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