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19 May 2014


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Thanks, Katie! I was just thinking about your granola the other morning. So good to hear from you. I hope you're having a wonderful summer with those gorgeous kids.

Katie John

These are amazing! I cannot believe you made them- and from paper!


Catherine, I think they're a great substitute for the real thing! There's a certain whimsy to them (which I greatly prefer over the faux branches and blossoms you see at places like Michaels), but they make me just as happy as the real thing and they don't die in a couple of days. Also, the supplies for these are so basic. It's amazing what you can do with a bottle of bleach and some tissue paper!


Oh Shalagh, I find myself looking at things like kumquat branches to work out in paper (along with an enormous file of photos of real flowers for inspiration). Really, I've kind of lost my mind. But the process makes me so happy!


These look gorgeous. I have to get this book! I have a daughter who has severe hay fever if I have flowers in the house which is hard as I was used to having fresh flowers weekly for years before she was born (not that I mind giving them up for her health of course). But I love having a vase full of flowers. These paper ones could be just the substitute I am looking for!

Shalagh Hogan

Oh Suzonne, I love that description.A zen discipline. A mindfulness. These flowers are exquisite and already perfect. I can't wait to see where else you'll go. You know I love me some paper crafts.

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