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09 May 2014


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I really appreciating your idea’s..keep it up ...


Am - Yes, that would frustrate me as well! I haven't tried diluting the solution, so I can't speak to that. I've always been afraid that what you described is exactly what would happen.

As for the dye continuing to develop, i occasionally found that with some of my earlier prints. But Lumi did introduce a detergent called Inkowash - perhaps because they received complaints about that? I hand wash mine with the Inkowash, even though it says to put it through the washer 2x. I just scrub the white areas of the print and let it soak some as well. So far, so good.

HOWEVER - If you want to try sun printing again, but you want to try a different product, take a look at cyanotypestore.com. They have pretreated fabrics, by the yard as well as smaller pieces. It comes in colors as well as the traditional blue/white combo. Let me know how it goes!


I have a love/hate relationship with Inkodye! I love the possibilities, but it seems like an inconsistent product.

First, I diluted it according to directions (people said it wouldn't change the color at the ratio I used). However, it was definitely paler than the advertised color.

Then, no matter how many times I wash items, the color/print continues to develop. I've even heard of people putting things through the washer and dryer and still having this problem.

I used their product right when it first came out, so maybe they've improved it since then. I'm just hesitant to try it again.

Your beautiful print is really tempting me, though!

Shalagh Hogan

Yay. I'm in love with this piece. It seemed to turn out just as you wanted. The blue isn't nearly as blue as it used to be. And I almost drooled when you said blackberry pie. I am happy for Spring as well. And for your fits and spurts.

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