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14 May 2014


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Hi Jennifer, It definitely has faded, but I think I love the color even more now. Super muted, but still there. However, if you're going to use and wash your fabric over and over, I'm guessing it's not the dye for you (unless there's a way to fix the color).

Jennifer Kee

Hello! Would you mind telling me how well this dye has stood up over time? I read somewhere that blackberry was fugitive and would eventually wash out. I would like to still try this though. Thank you for this post!


Shalagh, A friend told me about an area hidden away just outside City Park. I was ecstatic because it's one of those summer rituals that just means something to me. Usually I end up driving to a u-pick farm, which is fine, but not quite the same as finding them in the wild. So who knew?! I have all of this bounty 15 minutes from my front door.

But you know, wild berry picking is a bit of a beast. I wear long pants and long sleeves. If I were smart, I'd bring gloves along. But I hate wearing anything on my hands (so there's a lot of cursing, too). Ha!

Shalagh Hogan

Well of course you did this. Salt bath and all. You blow my mind. What I lovely color of lavender you achieved. I want to know how you found your secret berry stash and what you wear to gather them? Ah but for the chance to one day imbibe one of your fantastic cocktails with the shrub of the shrub?

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