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10 February 2014


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Hi Terry, I found mine on Amazon, but Dharma Trading (dharmatrading.com) carries a wider selection with good prices. And yes, I think I would hand wash. Have fun!

Terry Butler

I am going to try this, can you tell me a good place to get the scarves? Also, when they need laundered, do you just hand wash? Thanks, Terry


I'm so glad to see you back, missed you! :)


Hi Paula,

I had a big piece of cardboard that I covered with a garbage bag, but you can also use painters tape and tape a garbage bag to a table to protect it. But I like to put kraft paper on top because it absorbs most of the dye and water anyway, which makes cleanup really easy.

Paula M.

Very intriguing process and lovely results.

What sort of work surface did you use for this? Some sort of hard- or soft-plastic sheeting, maybe? I'm assuming that the tissue-paper colors would dye anything else they were sitting on during the spraying/working-in/sitting process.


Thanks, Kim! And you can try the color bleed tissue on all kinds of things, not just silk.

Kim M.

Beautiful! I would have never guessed it was so simple to make. So glad you shared.


I love, it's beautiful. thanks

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