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14 February 2014


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Thank you, Lucinda. The positive response I've received on this post makes me appreciate the company of women even more!


your eloquence has me in tears and saying "amen!" So beautiful and spot on.


Thank you ladies for all of your kind words! I do so appreciate them. xx


Teresa, I thank God for my virtual friends! All of you inspire me on a daily basis. xo


So eloquent. It is only in recent years since I turned 40 that I have discovered the glory of friendships with women. They have enriched my life in ways I could not have anticipated and I consider myself truly blessed.


Awww, Suzonne, how lovely. I'll hang out with you anytime! Even if it's virtual. Hugs.

Shalagh Hogan

This piece is rich and extraordinary and thoughtful. And I'm certain that anyone in your life considers themself blessed.


Beautifully spoken i like thiss...


Beautifully spoken, I am going to send this to my many girlfriends..thank you for your words.

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