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20 November 2013


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Shalagh, you can totally do this! Sometimes I feel like all thumbs when I'm wrapping floral tape, but the beauty of it is that you can just tear it off and start again. Once you do a few, you get the hang of it. Promise!

Shalagh Hogan

My florals experience still leaves me thinking I'd need you next to me for this. Your pictures are unbelievable as usual.This design simplicity is elegant and satisfying. Christmas inspiration I thank you for.


Betty, you are always so good to me. I appreciate you! Now, mistletoe - it grows in the South? Really? I'm going to have to climb one of those oaks and investigate!


Thank you, Olivia. That means a lot coming from you! By the way, I've been enjoying your work on Julep!

Betty J Schaub

You NEVER cease to amaze me! Beautiful job on your wreath. I'm sure you've seen Mistletoe before you just didn't know it. When all of the oak tree is dormant and you see a little green, that's mistletoe.


Just stunning!!!

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