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04 November 2013


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Hi June, Thank you! And yes, you may use some of my ideas. As long as you credit, I'm good with that. Merry Christmas! :)

June Benson

Hi ... just came across your page on Pinterst and think it's just gorgeous!! I and a few friends run a few pages on FB including a Christmas one and wondered if it would be ok to share some of your ideas. Obviously full credit would be given to you etc.
Please feel free to take a look at our Christmas page and let me know if you agree to us sharing your gorgeous work.
Thank you


Shalagh Hogan

And now Suzonne, I'm wondering where I wrote what he'd be. So what did your boy end up dressing up as I wonder. And was it store bought? No shame in that game after several years of creativity.
Thank you.


Thank you, Shalagh! And by the way, glad the Dragon Ninja got a good haul. We almost had a Dragon Ninja in this house, too. :)


Alice, I went over to your site and you made me miss all the paper stuff I used to design (with all of those endless scrapbook supplies)! And yes, anyone who works out of season can relate. Everyone else probably thinks we're nuts. Ha!


Thanks, Lisa!

Shalagh Hogan

The pictures and styling are kick butt yet I love the picture of the prior chaos that you took because it captures the boy's mode and what you thought the future might reflect. Moms! Balance is tough and yet he's happy if you are. You produced it beautifully.Santa would be proud. I love the crazy cat lady comment.
Love it all,

Alice Golden

Beautiful! Glad you found the Christmas spirit... even if it was a month late. I can totally relate to working out of season and I design paper crafts and am always working 6 months or so ahead.

Looking forward to seeing the latest issue of Christmas Ideas!



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