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07 November 2013


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Janice Bakke

Thank you for the story about your photo, Suzonne!

Betty J Schaub

And a Happy Gingko Biloba to you too! Your photo just made me smile. I love those little leaves and just saying their name makes me kind of giggle. Have a terrific weekend.


Thanks, Janice! I took that photo in Brooklyn. As I was walking out of a little shop, I happened to look down as I crossed the threshold and I was struck by the colors and patterns and composition. All I did was capture it. I love taking those kinds of photographs - they remind me to just LOOK. There's beauty and inspiration everywhere.

Janice Bakke

What a lovely photo! I had to re-post it on Google+. Do you have a further description about the photo (e.g., where you took it, why, was it planned or happenstance)?

Shalagh Hogan

Oh the posts I have posted on computer snaffus. And yet I sense that you are happy and confident that the issue will be resolved. Good Luck. Happy weekending to you too.

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