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21 October 2013


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Linda, It's so easy to shortchange ourselves, but when you're co-creating you have someone else to be accountable to, which makes it more likely that you'll show up. Hope you find a good fit!

Linda Leyble

Thank you so much for this post! It was just what I needed to read today. Possibly, I peruse different blogs each morning to get inspiration for the day - and your post made it very clear what I am missing - a creative collaborator. I used to have a few and I miss them. When my decorative painting business was flourishing, I had 2-3 people that I collaborated with...and each one of us grew because of each other.

Over the past month I had been thinking that what I really need is a partner in crime (of creativity). I need a person that will energize me to go into my studio and carry out all the ideas I have in my head. My husband is a wonderful person...but he is an enabler in me doing nothing...if that makes any sense. He retired about 5 years ago (early because of an illness) and he has wanted ne not to work since then. I was not finished working and creating then and I'm not now.

I guess I have to put my intention out there again in the universe. Thanks again for your words!




Keep looking! You will find them!

One of the things I had to get past was thinking that my "tribe" was the same as my peer group. Once I got a handle on my own narrow mindedness, I was able to expand my circle. But you're right, it's tough when you're in a more remote location and people are threatened by what's different. But maybe that will be your gift to them - to show what is possible.


What gorgeous photos!

I know what you mean about creative solitude. It's the best and the worst thing about being creative at all, I suppose. Glad you are finding opportunities to collaborate!

PS: I'll be checking that NPR story for sure -- interesting.


Thank you for a wonderful article...I can relate to all you say, for I also have been looking my "tribe" to share my creativity with. I live
in a rural area and many of the people I meet seem to be so threatened by as a woman said to me "you think outside the box"
well, not really that is what creative, artistic people do.

Thank you for spreading your sunshine and observations my way...loved the pictures, they are so wabi sabi, the art of seeing
the perfect imperfection in things and in ourselves.


a beautiful post and beautiful pictures. and i can relate to the loneliness and the need to collaborate to keep the passion alive and the juices flowing. it's what reminds us why we do what we do.

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