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08 October 2013


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Minnie Anderson

I do remember many firsts. My very first crush (first grade). My very first broken heart (third grade). The things I don't remember and simply never will, well, I don't need to. It's OK.

I love that your son loves football and feels confident. My son did, too. He is actually this evening hosting a cook out for the football team that he now helps to coach. The same school where he played in high school. I love this for him. And HIS SON loves it, too!

Your son will do well without doubt while you are in the background loving him to death and encouraging him and listening to him and his heart.

My Dad passed away two weeks ago. I have not one regret with that man. He loved me to death.

You are such a proud Mom and obviously with SUCH good reason. Enjoy and love.

Minnie :)


Oh I feel every word you say - my son plays Rugby (think American Football without the protective gear) and watching can be agony. But the moments when he gets there are sublime. Sport has a way of touching the soul very directly.

Ellen Valentine

This is so well written. Print this out and tuck it in a drawer so you never lose it yet find it when you least expect it.

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