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17 July 2013


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England Furniture Company

Good post. The blue table seems to have come out wonderfully. Thanks for sharing the photos and your review of this book.


I totally agree with you, if I can find a piece of furniture to recycle and make it fit in my home I am a very happy crafter without spending a ton of money!
I need some new ideas for sprucing up some furniture that has been around for a while and needs an update, would love to win this book!


Sounds like a great book! I've been afraid to tackle anything major because I am afraid of ruining it! Sounds like this is the book I need!


We have a big hutch that could use an update - this book sounds like a great source for ideas! Thanks!


I have quite a few things that need a makeover...Lol but I'd start with an old vanity table in need of lovin Lol

Heather S

My dresser is in needs of a serious overhaul! Thanks for the chance to win!

Krista Beiler

I would love to redo this adorable little antique chair that i have!


I think an old grandfather’s desk needs some help in the makeover department...
What a great book...

Carol S.

I would love to refinish this great dining table that I recently purchased at a flea market - I could make it beautiful again!


i LOVE refinishing furniture on a very amateur level. Especially mid century. I have been trying to scout out a good entertainment cabinet/credenza, and no doubt this book would help me feel inspired as well as provide tips!

Melanie G.

I have four wooden cafe chairs that I am dying to paint. Would love to own a copy of this book!


This is a really cool way to add more color to one's house. I love the desk!


I would love to get my hands on this book. We have a home full of dark furniture that is making the rooms look darker .. I so need this :-)



I have a cute little mid-century chair that could use a makeover - would love this book for inspiration & how-to's...

Betty J Schaub

Let me start by saying the 24th is my 55th birthday soooo.
That said, I have an old octagonal shaped table that my neighbor was going to toss that is a really dark colored wood. I'd like to spruce it up with some vibrant color(s). I'd like to earn how to paint it a bright color and antique over that and make it look older than it actually is but new to me! Thanks Suzonne for the opportunity to win. Hope you are staying cool and dry down the bayou. :-)


Would love some advice on restoring a portion of a furniture piece from my great-grandmother's home.

Debe L

OMG!! I own the sister to the blue buffet except mine has two doors the width of the piece at the bottom. I am in the process of painting my dining room furniture & looked at that piece last weekend thinking,...hmmmm...
Well you might be the shove I needed.


My husband is very anti-redoing-furniture. I would love to be able to prove him wrong!

Christa @ BrownSugarToast

Would love to makeover a large tray I bought for $1. Just not sure where to put it or how to do it!!


I'd love to learn how to paint an old dresser I have so that it looks intentional rather than just sloppy!

amy v

i would love some inspiration for how to update my grandparents' bedroom furniture...it has great lines, but needs some fixing and modernizing.


I have two chairs from Goodwill that I need to re-do!


I'd love to learn how to distress furniture!


I love the blue dresser. I have a tv tray sort of table with 4 trays under a table and I bought it at a senior garage sale for $25.00. This item has been waiting for me to lovingly paint it blue to it's brilliance. This book would be such a help on this project...thank you for letting me be a part of your wonderful give away.


This book sounds really cool!
I have a kitchen table that is the first thing my grandparents bought when they got married, and they gave it to my parents when they got married. We ate dinner at it every night for years. After I'd moved out of the house, my parents gave it to me, and I've had it ever since. It's kind of in desperate need of refinishing, though, so I'd love to give it a makeover.

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