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07 June 2013


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Debe, I think you're going to love the Retin-A! But just to let you know - there IS an adjustment period (I think of it as the molting stage), with dryness and flaking. My dermatologist says this happens to everyone, then subsides after a few weeks. Just telling you so that you don't start it right before an important event. Ha!

I have a friend who asked what I used on my face, then started it a few months ago without telling me. I saw her recently and immediately noticed how great her skin looked. I think it's worth every penny.

And THANK YOU for the foundation recommendation. I will try it out!

Debe Leone

Thanks for mentioning Retin-A. I have heard about it for years but after clicking onto your link from the NYTimes, I am getting some this afternoon. I have used Alpha Hydrox lotion for years & think it has helped. Anxious to see how the Retin-A works. I really like Giorgio Armani Designer Lift foundation. I live in Houston and use BB creams on the weekends but have really liked the G A foundation for work/evening. I apply it with a brush & a little goes a long way. It settles in & gives a really nice look. Love the Sugar lip colors. Hydrates but doesn't bleed. Really enjoyed your tips.

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