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15 May 2013


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Never thought would want to try decoupage again, haven't seemed to have much luck with it turning out nicely. But this project, thanks to your excellent tutorial just might be one I could do well with. so glad you shared this wonderful tutorial. Will be looking for container and lace to work with.
Appreciate the extra tips about using paint brush and how to apply ModPodge. Better check what kind of ModPodge I have. Happy weekend


Thanks so much for sharing this! I think the texture gives a delicate and uniquelook to sturdy pots. I have two plain pots AND some eyelet on hand, so I will be giving this a try in the next few days.
I just need to get MATTE Mod Podge. And thanks for stressed to get the matte type.


Susan, I just used original Mod Podge in Matte. Nothing else is required. But I wouldn't suggest a roller to apply. I use a small, foam paintbrush and a "pouncing" motion to apply the Mod Podge. I find that that allows the Mod Podge to seep through the fabric and adhere it to the pot, but doesn't give a smooth, rubbery like finish, which tends to be less attractive on this particular project. Overall, use only as much Mod Podge as you need to saturate the fabric - you don't want any gloppiness.


I love this project! As a newbie using Mod Podge, do I want to get 2 kinds? I see there is a glue, as well as a "finish". Did u use both?

I was also wondering if you use a roller, or is that not nessecary.
Thank you very much!!!


Thanks, Dorothy. I appreciate that!


My favorite flower is the tulip because we were able to get some bulbs from the famous garden in the Netherlands. I know this is too late for the giveaway.
I am so impressed with your tutorial and how easy it is to follow. I'd give it a star as one of the best on Pinterest.

telma maria

muito bonito fácil,e elegante ,obrogada por partlhar,saude


My favorite flower is sweet William because my daddy's name was William he has gone on to be with our Lord. I'am going to try to make a coffee cup with his name on it. thank you for the photos for free and may God Bless you and keep you in his care! He liked lace on my beautiful mom think I will try blue hie favorite color.

Cecilia vargas

Me encantó el proyecto y la técnica felicitaciones.
Quisiera saber si la cerámica a utilizar debe ó no tener glaze para pegar la tela ó encaje.


Great tutorial! My favorite flower is a tulip, but I can't really state a reason. I've always just loved them!


Eleanor, I think your best bet might be a gel medium (which is often used for collage) in a Matte finish. It's pricier than Mod Podge, but a little goes a long way. You can usually find it in art supply stores. Another possibility is wallpaper paste thinned with water, but I've never tried it with fabric, so I'm not entirely sure. If it were me, I'd spring for the gel medium. If you try it, please let me know. I'm sure there are others wondering about a substitute as well!


Nothing wrong with that tutorial! Very clear and that is the important thing. I keep reading about Mod Podge & it seems a crafter's staple accessory - I have not noticed it in the UK, does anyone know if it is sold here? Perhaps under a different name?


I love making burlap flowers what a great idea for the vase

Gail Simpson

My favourite flower is the Daffodil, They are always so bright and cheerful and I love seeing them growing along the country lanes.
I think your lace vases are gorgeous and will have a go at making some.


Peonies are my all time favorite. They remind me of my childhood and watching the ants all over them. And now I'm teaching my kids to appreciate them too.


I think the decoupage lace vases are one of my favorite crafts of yours. Thank you for the step-by-step tutorial. Your photos are never boring! My favorite flower is the daisy. I used to pick wild daisies for my mom when I was a child and bring them home to her and they always made her smile and she would put them in a vase. Daisies were my wedding flower and I love to grow them and purchase them at florists. They make me smile and think of my mom.


Peonies are my favorite flower - they are like little flower-pillows with all their layers of petals.


I love peonies. They are the most amazing colors and are so fragile and fleeting. I look forward to them blooming all year and appreciate every day they are in bloom! Thanks for the great giveaway!


Forget-me-nots. They're small and delicate and dreadfully old fashioned. They speak to me of a simpler time when small flowers were just as meaningful as a dozen roses.

Adrienne M.

The flowers are beautiful, a nice DIY centerpiece!

Cecilia Hipskind

I LOVE this!! It's so simple and yet absolutely gorgeous!!! I have some lace trim that I got on clearance at Hobby Lobby that are gonna end up on some containers!!!
My favorite flower is a rose-I think it started out as my favorite because my middle name is Rose, but they are just so beautiful and my absolute favorite ones are the lilac colored ones! And I also dry them...haven't figured out exactly what I want to do with them, but they are almost all from my hubby :)

Alice Golden

Beautiful project! My favorite flowers are lilacs followed closely by hydrangeas.


I love making handmade flowers!


I love paper flowers.


Wow! I love this - makes me want to get right to work. Once again, the photos are great, just as they were yesterday!!

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