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26 April 2013


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Isabel Marant Chaussures

I toujours passé ma demi-heure à lire ce blog contenu Into the Swamp (as a first grader) - Urban Comfort tous les jours avec une tasse tasse de café.


Diane - Nature IS awesome! I sometimes take it for granted, surrounded by the natural abundance of this state, but once you've moved away you realize how special it is. Glad I could give you a short journey down memory lane!


Jean Lafitte Park was my saving grace during my 33 years in New Orleans. I spent many days there on the trail that leads out to the overlook where I ate my picnic lunch and just sat in awe of nature.

Thank you for this memory. I miss it so.


Thank YOU, Shalagh, for all the encouragement!


Thank you, Dorian! Nice to hear from you again!

Dorian Fletcher

Wonderful, Suzonne...esp. to experience it with a child - fresh, new eyes!

Shalagh Hogan

Your dedication to your art is inspirational. And I was surprised and happy that you have a little guy too. I attended all first grade outings last year. Your excitement about the swamp is cool. And your pictures are lovely even if they can't capture the real deal. Am enjoying your posts.


Thank you, Kim. I appreciate you saying that because I can't even come close to how beautiful it really is!

Kim M.

I never realized a swamp was so beautiful. Your photos are stunning.

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