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15 March 2013


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Betty J Schaub

You are so sweet! If I am practically family now, could you please pass me some of those creative genes please??? Lol


Betty, that made me laugh. Sounds exactly like the type of conversation I'd have with MY husband! And at this point, you've kept up with my blog so long that you're practically family. Ha!

Betty J Schaub

This looks yummm-o! Recently while sitting in my docs office I saw an article by you. I leaned over and whispered to my husband, "I know this woman from her blog. She lives in New Orleans. She's very talented and creative." He said, "Cool," needless to say, he wasn't as enthusiastic as I was. But I have to admit, I was thrilled. Kept thinking, Kevin Bacon, and this was my 6 degrees of separation. Lol

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