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21 February 2013


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Progress Lighting

Really beautiful. I think, I will just let it as a decoration instead of making it as an object of play in Easter. LOL.

Betty J Schaub

This is the article!

Melissa Kronlage

These are lovely. I'm going to be sewing my wedding dress out of lace - so I've been looking at many different kinds lately - it's so sweet and feminine.


Thanks, Olga. I'm loving the lace, too. And every time I go shopping I find new designs I'd like to try. Hopefully by next year I'll have moved on. Ha!


Thank you, Shalagh! I'm happy, too!


Beautiful! I especially love the lace-patterned eggs.

Shalagh Hogan

I'm so happy for you that you got to produce/style within your creative comfort/control zone. The simplicity is really serene. I do rubber bands which are much more graphic but like the feminine quality as you said. Thanks for sharing your gift.


Ooh yes, adore the pretty patterned eggs, now I want to make them too!!



I just got my March magazine a bit ago, and LOVED these photos! I think we'll try your egg dying technique this year. Very pretty.


Catherine - Me, too! I was engaged for a year-and-a-half, just so I could have a spring wedding. It's the most hopeful and beautiful time of year!


Oh, so pretty! I was hanging out for Valentine's to be past so I could take down the hearts (I am very bah humbug about Valentine's but decorate because the kiddos love it) and start planning for Easter. Easter is my favourite to decorate for! Nothing is more fun than Spring.

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