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01 January 2013


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Thanks, Melissa! I love sequins as much as I love glitter (and cookies).

Melissa Kronlage

These photos really are gorgeous. I love the sequins - what a cute touch!


Thanks, Leisa! I have a feeling there are lots of amazing combinations to try (and with so many bitters on the market, lots to work with). And the beauty of trying them out in frostings is that you can add to it drop by drop until you get the taste you want - and if you hate your first attempt, it's not a pricey failure.


Thank you, Lisa! I missed blogging so much! But I have to be honest with you - I got a good laugh when you mentioned "applying my simple and clean aesthetic" to your cluttered environment. My environment at the moment is so epically chaotic, it defies description. Ha! I can't wait to apply my simple and clean aesthetic as well. A New Year's resolution for both of us! And it's totally doable! Really! (And thank you for the compliment - you've just motivated me to go tackle a closet.)


Yes, Shalagh - My work is more than satisfying! In fact, I'm really, really happy with everything I created over the last two months (the hard part is always having to wait so long to share it). But it does get a little mixed up in my brain when I'm making transitions from one holiday to the next without pause - think of life on fast forward without time to process the shift in seasons. But I'm incredibly lucky that I have the luxury of doing it for a living. Being out of sync once in awhile is a small price to pay!

Happy New Year!


Wow, these look absolutely mouth-watering! I love the use of bitters in the frosting... definitely a must-try :-)


Nice to see you back, I've missed your blog posts this last month! I think one of my New Year's resolutions is to attempt to apply your simple & clean aesthetic, which is like a breath of fresh air, to my cluttered environment...

Shalagh Hogan

Happy to hear that even though your work (which I assume is satisfying) threw you off, you regained balance through the simple act of love through baking. Every day's a holiday is funny and true in that, Wherever your head is, there you are. I had a final round of Christmas music on today. And yes, the pictures show your efforts. Thanks for sharing your recipes.
Happiness for a bright New Year
and Love,


Happy New Year to you, Betty! I hope 2013 is your best year yet!


Thanks, June! It's something I'm working on and sometimes struggling with, so I appreciate the positive feedback. Happy New Year!

Betty J Schaub

Happy New Year sweetie!

June g.

Your photos are gorgeous!

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