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12 November 2012


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Jason Light

That's a girly thing. You can do it with colored plastic and combine it with lights. The reflection will add beauty to the chandelier.


Debe...thank you. I think most bloggers would say that they blog for personal pleasure, but there's also the pleasure that comes from being "heard." The idea that someone would spend a week reading my blog, back to the very beginning, is humbling (though I've done it myself, so I know exactly how that feels) and encouraging. So thank you for making my day!

Also, glad you found me through Besotted - I adore Tristan!


I just want you to know that you are my new obsession!! I found you from Besotted and became besotted. I have spent the last week reading every post back to May 2009! My eyes were blurring last night when I finally had to STOP. I love NOLA, visit when I can so to find an incredibly creative person writing from there, crafty things, food recipes & DRINK recipes, I was over the moon! I copy & pasted the recipes into a word file so I can work my way through. The blueberry story was especially sweet. I live north of Houston but grew up in North Louisiana so some of your memories bring up threads from there. Just wanted to say thank you and you have a new stalker!!


Oh, they're beautiful! Can't wait to try this.Thanks for the coupon.

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