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03 October 2012


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Wynona, I am just seeing your comment now. Thank you so much. You are so very kind! :)

Wynona Mandevill

You have a gift from God and never let it go


Andrea, So glad you found them. And even though I made these 3 years ago and have used them in various ways, they've held up really well and look great. Have fun!


Thank you so much for these instructions..I have been looking all over for realistic butterflies

Jason Light

Looks natural. I like the materials because of that. Sure it was way too wonderful when the light is open.


COMPLETELY MAGICAL! Love how you printed the butterflies on trace paper too.



Wendy- Agreed! I had the same thought when I was putting it together and I finally found a lamp that I think will be perfect. I'll post the project if it all comes together the way I hope it does. And if you come up with something nice, please share it with us!


Love these! I want to do a project that allows the light to shine through them. I bet they'd be even more gorgeous.


Thanks, Judith! I hope there are some butterflies flying around your house soon.

Judith Ann Mcdermott

I really appreciate this post. I?


Thanks, Ann!


Thanks, Leigh Ann!


Thanks, Rachel! I've long been a fan of vellum for all kinds of projects. It just seemed perfect for this. Have fun!

Ann Blevins

Beautiful post, Suzonne!

Leigh Ann

So cute!! I love me some butterflies!


Wow, this is really genius. I happen to have a pack of vellum paper, and I can't wait to give this a try. Thanks so much for sharing the project!


Peaches, please make something colorful and crazy with this idea so I can live vicariously through you!


Shut the....

You. I am so going to copy YOU.


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