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05 October 2012


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Jason Light

When I'm reading this, I can taste the food already. I'm imagining it through the ingredients. I have to be sure if my instinct is correct. Gotta try this.


Hi Michelle, It's been so many years that I really can't remember the name, only the risotto. And I haven't had many Bay area restaurant meals recently, so I'm afraid I'm not much of a resource there. Sorry!

Melissa Kronlage

Yum, yum, yum. I have to try this.

Michelle Mallett

What was the name of the Marin County restaurant? Is it still open? Can you name a few of your favorite restaurants in the bay area? thanks


Catherine, I think you should make a batch of it just for yourself. I'm absolutely sure you deserve it! (And if you reheat it with a bit of the broth the next day - on low heat - it tastes almost as good as the day you made it.)


Nat, it is! So nice to see you again - your new blog looks great!


Oh, I love risotto so much. Love to cook it, love to eat it but my daughter doesn't like it so I don't make it very often. I might try and convert her with this recipe. Looks fabulous.

Nat @ Made in Home

This looks delicious

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