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20 September 2012


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Shannon, you're a woman after my own heart! I'm still searching for the perfect pecan pie recipe, so there are going to be a lot of those in my house this fall. And I follow you on Pinterest as well, so thank YOU for the inspiration!

Shannon VanCleave

Last year I vowed to find the perfect mac & cheese recipe. After testing many, many different recipes (three in one weekend - my husband loved that!), the Martha recipe won hands down. Thanks for posting - I love your blog & Pinterest boards!


I'll have to look for that recipe, Catherine. The addition of sausage could really put me over the edge. I admit, I find meat and cheese irresistible in just about any form!


It's true, Pam. I can even get my finicky son to eat it - a small miracle in itself!


This is my go-to Mac and Cheese recipe too. My kids call it Crusty Mac and Cheese. It is absolutely the best.


I use a Martha Stewart macaroni and cheese recipe too - it was in an Everyday Food magazine a little while ago. It seems similar to this one with another type of cheese added plus a variation that adds sausage. Totally the best I have ever eaten. I am Australian so didn't grow up eating this or even liking it until I tried MS's recipe. She hits the ball out of the park sometimes! (look at me, now I am using American metaphors, all native like... we don't do baseball either) :)

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