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10 September 2012


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Sherri, We Southerners are all part of the same tribe and I know I can have a great meal anywhere in the South. Aren't we the lucky ones?!

Sherri Chockley

Although not a meat eater anymore (and I do love bacon), I feel fortunate to live in Nashville where Benton's bacon is everywhere! NO still my favorite food town but NashVegas is coming along . . .


Greg - You can thank me with a little bacon jam in return! :)


Thanks, Shannon. I appreciate that!

Greg Bulmash

If anyone can convince me that a bacon is worth $10 a pound, it's you. :-)

Ordered my pack and I should be seeing it near Halloween.


I must say that I really love your blog and I found one thing after another to be a great find. Amazing blog!!

Thank you!

You are right, Benton's Smoky Mountain Country Hams serves an outstanding meals, and their bacon is out of this world!

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