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18 September 2012


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Great information. Thank you


I found this post to be so helpful and informative. Have tried decoupaging on glass but my hands don't work too well, made a mess, too much glue or ? Maybe too impatient more like it. Have to be in right frame of mind to tackle certain techniques so wait til I am. Hubs has habit of interrupting and asking questions when trying something so wait til he's involved in his own projects outside. I also learn a great deal reading comments. Thanks for such helpful post. Happy weekend


Thanks so much for this incredibly useful article. Just getting started on decoupage glass, really enjoyed looking at Derian'sstuff and all the fab links too!


Wow! Thank you, I really loved your lessons! I had seen similar plates at the Conran Shop in Paris a few months ago and loved them, but they were 100 euros each! Now I think I be able to try and make them myself. Thanks again.


Great back to school decoupage on glass.


Denise, I already had my backing paper printed and then decided to add the butterfly print, so I was just working with what I had. But the other two pieces I did were printed on one piece of paper and that's the easiest way to start, I think.

It's definitely a challenge and practice is key! I still need to go back and do some further experimentation in order to find the perfect combination of paper, decoupage medium, and technique. But after doing it over and over, I feel like I'm a lot closer. Out of the three I did, I have one that I'm really happy with and have displayed. So be patient with yourself!

Denise Rose

I ordered some blanks and tried one out last night with a butterfly and a backing. It turned out okay but I need more practice I think! I do think rather than make more than one paper layer, I am going to use Photoshop to put the images on the backing paper and just glue one layer to the blank from now on. Is there a reason you glue the butterfly first then a backing piece? I might be missing something here! Thanks for the great instructions though! I feel like with a little practice I will get better at this with your help!


Debra, should you ever try it and have anything to add to the conversation, let me know and I'll post your findings here for others. Eventually, one of us will find the magic formula!


Absolutely stunning - one day I will try this


Great back to school decoupage on glass.


Thanks for the lead, Miss B! I'll check it out. And I think my next experiment definitely needs to involve 28 lb. paper. Maybe a thicker paper and a quick soak to relax it will do the trick. I'll keep you posted!

Miss B.

I heard that the thicker the paper the better as well, which doesn't make logical sense to me as thin seems more malleable. Durwin Rice in Kansas used to sell a secret formula decoupage medium, but I don't know if he still does. I loved this post BTW as I have a few plate blanks for years after having a couple decoupage fails and being a little gun/craft shy. Thank you!


Thanks for the recipe, Janice. It reminded me that I have a bottle of rice starch I used for bookbinding. I'm going to try that one first, since I have it on hand, and see where that takes me. I'll keep you posted!


Thanks, Patty! I appreciate it.


Absolutely lovely! Thank you for posting.


I just sent it off to you-let me know if you try it.




Yes! You should email the recipe. I'm going to continue trying mixtures until I get it exactly right. So if it works, I'll post about it. Thanks!


Suzonne-I am wondering about wheat starch paste? I have a recipe given to me by a book binder friend where it is mixed with water and also with white glue (or not), and cooked in the microwave. The wheat starch is water soluable but NOT when mixed with glue.

I can email you the recipe if you are interested.



Oh Suzy, I forgot about the NYPL archives! Thanks for the reminder!


Thanks, Jane. I hope it goes well for you!


Ha! I was wondering how many people were going to "unfollow" me for clogging up their Pinterest page with 132 pins of clip art. And Janice, if you get to this and have any further tips to share, please let me know! The perfectionist in me is determined to get it exactly right. :)


I've been wanting to do this on a few pieces--now you have me itching to try and with these tips I might have some success.

Thanks Suzonne.

(I was wondering what was going to emerge with all of those images showing up on Pinterest...!)


Wonderful tutorial Suzonne! I've been wanting to get into decoupage and now I'm inspired...Thanks!

Suzy McQ

Thank you so much for this tutorial. I have some glass plates sitting here, just waiting for decoupaging, but I wasn't quite sure how to begin. Now I am!

I have also found great images via The New York Public Library archives on their website.

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