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24 August 2012


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Sorry about that.... ha ha! (referring to cake stand conversation obviously....)


Thanks for sharing! Whenever I find "low maintenance" plants I get excited because I have been known to kill cactus before and I thought those were pretty invincible.....


Catherine, I didn't buy the beehive cake stand for the same reason you didn't, but I keep thinking that I'm going to regret that in a year when it's no longer available. Thanks for putting it in my head again. (I blame you if it ends up sitting on my countertop looking for a home. Ha!)


Oh, yes, that is beautiful! I doubt it would grow up here in Minnesota but I will keep it in mind for when I go back to Australia. By the way, I was walking through West Elm the other day and saw that beehive cake stand still there - did you ever relent and buy it?? I left it there because I reeeeaally don't have any space for it but it is so pretty!

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