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11 July 2012


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Thanks, Cyndi. Chateau Gray is indeed responsible for the brownish color!


This looks fantastic! I'm a little confused, though, as to which paint added the "brown" look. I can't imagine that Duck Egg or Chateau Grey would add in that color. Can you explain?

Thanks, Cyndi


Thank you, Lee! Use what you need - it is wonderful, fabulous paint and I'm happy to help inspire!


Absolutely stunning, I hope to share an image in a post with a few other Annie Sloan makeovers on my blog. I will only use one image, credit you properly and link back, encouraging readers to find out your technique.

Annie Sloans chalk paint has only just made its way to New Zealand shores and I am trying to inspire my readers. In fact I am doing a makeover myself so your post will be very helpful.

Will email you a link once it's published

Now off to make a coffee and browse a little more around your blog, it looks wonderful :)


Palmetto Home and Garden

Well it looks like going with chalk based paint is a no brainer. Your dresser looks amazing!


Hi Kitty,
Before you purchase a book, I'd suggest researching the Internet, especially Pinterest. You can find a number of tutorials and learn from the average users experience. The good news is that it's not a complicated process to replicate what I did for the Family Circle column. Also, you can choose - if you don't want the wood grain to show, you can just paint the base coat normally, then do the dry brushing technique on top of that.

As for color, I can't judge whether the color's too dark without seeing the rest of your bathroom, but since you want to do a linen white, I think there are softer colors for the base that might be more appropriate for the bathroom. CoCo or French Linen could be good choices for the base or you can always lighten the Graphite with a little Old White.

However, most of the stockists are well trained and happy to help you! I'd suggest bringing a photograph of your bathroom and the magazine column for reference when you go to buy the paint. They can demonstrate the techniques for you and help you pick the palette. I've had great luck with this when I've had questions of my own.

Good luck! Let me know how it goes.

kitty entwisle-sherer

i have been wanting to paint the wood in my bathroom and want the look that you did on the treasure chest in the may issue of family circle, although i want to do a linen white for the finish look. is the graphite colour too dark. what would you recommend for the base colour? i am hoping i find annie sloans chalk paint in my area. should i order a "how to" book first? i am excited and full of questions. kitty


Hi Cathy,

You can find a retailer directory on http://www.anniesloanunfolded.com.

cathy volk

Where do you purchase this kind of paint?


Thanks, Natalie! My recipe was 50% Provence and 50% Duck Egg Blue. I only had a sample jar of the Provence color, so I know that it didn't take more than a sample jar size of each color for the topcoat, though I can't remember if I did a base coat of straight Duck Egg Blue (which I had a can of). I know that's not particularly helpful, but I've found that none of my furniture projects have required an entire can of paint.

My advice - when you go to buy your paint, show the stockist the piece of furniture you're painting and what you hope to accomplish. I find they're usually very knowledgeable and can give you a very good idea of what you'll need. Have fun!



I am trying chalk paint for the first time this weekend and have been trying to figure out how much I will need. How much did you use for this project (in terms of quarts)? Thanks so much - all your stuff is great!

Steph S.

Great piece with with some really nice detail. I love the paint job but I definitely think you should go back with a detail brush and paint in a contrasting color the design on the front of the piece. I think it would look 10x better!


Karen, I agree with you! It really has changed my life - and I'm so impressed with its durability. If I had the time, I'd paint a project every week!

Karen Benford

Was researching paint and came across Annie Sloan's, this paint has turned projects into therapy for me.... I am in love wouldn't use anything else now. Even if I do have to drive 75 miles to buy it.


@R Bilski - It's not something I've tried, though in theory it sounds like it would be fine since they're both water-based paints. But if you're using latex over it. you probably don't need to wax it.

R Bilski

Can I paint latex over the chalk paint (before waxing?)

lezioni di Ballo

Wow, this article is nice, my younger sister is analyzing such things, thus I am going to convey her.


Thanks, Sharon! And I LOVE that you've spent the weekend painting. I know just how good that feeling of accomplishment is.

Sharon Oler

Thank you for the info I've been painting all,week end! Just loving the paint! Your tips have been very helpful! Enjoyrd reading your blog! Hope you have survived the recent weather down your way!


Teresa, I've just completed my third project with this paint and I hope I never have to use anything else!

teresa granath

Ok, now I want to paint everything in my house! Sheesh Suzonne, you are killing me softly with your furniture. :)

Miss B.

Another perfect project, just love the color and your styling is magnificent!

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