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26 June 2012


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Hi Hala,

I'm so glad your family enjoyed it! Thanks for the feedback.


Thanks for the recipe. Actually, I made it yesterday and it was so great and successful cake. All my family like it. Thanks a lot .


I've never tried it, but here are my two cents - You could definitely make the cream cheese part in advance, but personally, I think once the whipped cream was added I'd use it right away.

I don't think anything terrible will happen if you make it in advance, but you'd need to keep it refrigerated and that would change the texture somewhat, making it more difficult to get a smooth finish. However, you could try taking it out of the refrigerator 15-20 minutes before using it and that might bring it close to its original state.

If you try it, let me know how it works out for you - which will better answer this question for the next reader!


Do u need to use the icing right away or can it hold?

Nancy Thomas

I am definitely saving this one. Red Velvet cake is my favorite but I can't seem to make it myself (like you I always taste my oil). Have a great 4th!


Lady, you live in the South now. There better be some baking going on!

Miss B.

I don't usually like sweets, but I am CRAZY for cream cheese frosting. I am afraid this may drive me to bake, gah!

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