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04 June 2012


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Penguin Games

These are great beauty tips, thanks for sharing.

Beauty Salon games

Great tips thanks for sharing


Have a Happy Birthday weekend, Suzonne!!!!

I have read about the Tightlining trick a few years ago, and love the effect it creates. It give this look of heavy eyelashes, as if you applied fake ones. The only issue I have: it is kind of difficult to remove it, so the next morning I wake up with the color of the eyeliner I used the day before all around my eyes. :) I still use it, all the time!


Teresa, I combine Light #1 and Light #3. They used to offer a Free Trial kit, but that seems to have been discontinued. I'd check with Dermstore.com and see if there are color samples available or a return policy in case you order the wrong thing. Once you find the color, though, I think you'll be hooked. And it's GREAT for a lazy makeup person!


Dear Mrs. D'Emilia, I know my patience pains you. Just 3 more days...xo

Kendra D'Emilia

I think you should open your birthday present from your friend in NY!!!

teresa granath

Ok, I need to hear more about the Mineral Foundation that you use. Which one is it on the page that you linked? I have been using Aveda pressed powder for many years but they have changed it slightly and I'm thinking of trying something else. I have light skin like you do so I'm curious which color is the one you use. :)

Thanks Suzonne. I can use make up tips, I'm such a lazy make up person. I've had a pretty good complexion my whole life so I don't use much. That is sad you were teased about your pretty lips!

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