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18 May 2012


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Playmobil Toys To Go

It was so inspiring that kids art are turned into wonderful soft plush toys. So amazing that kids has a bright ideas in this thing. They can even enjoy playing which came from their playful mind.


These could not look any cuter, any cuter AT ALL. The kids could definitely learn so much from these.

teresa granath


Have you seen these?


They are pretty awesome too!


I think it would be even MORE special to the child if the parent (or a loved one) made the stuffie for them. And (not to slight the kids) most of their drawings are very simple so working up a "pillow style" stuffie from them shouldn't be that tricky for someone with a bit of craft experience (and time).

(this is going to show how old and crotchety I am) The prices on the handmade toys are such that I can't imagine giving them to a child to maul to death. I'd be putting them up on a shelf for display (and so they'd last).


I know, right? I saw her stuff a while back and thought 'how genius is this?!'... I have to try making one sometime.

More important....congrats! Kindergarten is HUGE!

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