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30 April 2012


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Oh, Louise. I hope you get out there and shoot again. Too good to give up - and while possibly painful in the beginning, you may very well find an unexpected joy. xx

Louise Riley

your photography is very inspiring used to be a great hobby of mine but have not done much in yrs. no since becoming widowed not as much fun or easy to do. My husband and I shared the same interest.

thanks for sharing

Rifki Fuad

Wow pictures are very good. I like your style.


Wow! Amazing pics

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Wow! Amazing pics.. I am impressed by your post and the information you shared is also very nice. I am very excited to explore this place. Thanks..

A Facebook User

Beautiful photos. Thanks.


The photos make me swoon with love! I have never even been to the south, but the drama of the trees and the colors make my heart sing!

Thank you for sharing!!


I hope you do! They are magical!


Beautiful photos, very inspiring! I have never seen anything like these trees in person. Some day I will make it further South to see them in real life...

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