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16 April 2012


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Linda Leyble

What a lovely project! I can see hiw it can become ad ducting. Now...I have to go buy some Inkodye! Thanks for your great tutorials.



Thank you very much for the tutorial! I think this is a perfect technique for my favourite vegetable artishoke to be imprinted. Can't wait to do this!


Katie, I don't think black paint is your answer since it doesn't function the same as dye. You could experiment with a black fabric dye such as Rit liquid dye, but I'd suggest trying it first with a VERY small amount of Inkodye so you can see how they react together.

But if you try that out, let me know how it goes! Also, the black Inkodye is currently out of production due to the closing of a manufacturer's facilities. They're looking to bring it back, but won't until they find a reliable source. I believe blue, red, and orange are the only colors they have at the moment.

katie white

I have the blue inkodye. I'd much prefer black (to get something closer to what you've dont), but these bottles aren't cheap. Would you recommend mixing with black paint (any?) or do you think it will dilute the inkodye, thus not allowing to work as well. Let me know what you think, thanks!


Thanks, Nicole! The only time I used the paint pen was for the white print. When I used a black pen, I used an india ink artist pen - which was purported to be waterproof. I still found that it broke down a bit after a few prints. So you can experiment with all different kinds of pens - I'd just do it on a smaller scale so that you can see if the ink starts to smear after it gets wet or begins to break up in definition. But it definitely doesn't need to be a paint pen if you're using a black color.

Nicole Caulfield

Great project! Does it matter what type of pen you use? Can it be a regular black sharpie or does it have to be a paint pen where its more opaque?

A. Lynch

Great work! Thanks for the tutorial.


Wow! Those turned out beautiful. Thank you for posting a tutorial. I am pinning this for a future project. Saw you on Graphics Fairy!!


Wow, I love these! Just beautiful.



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