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10 April 2012


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Aimee Reisert

I just read your article in Famliy Circle and love the idea! I am searching the internet now for prints similar to what you used. What did you use in the background? Is that fabric? Scrapbook paper? Thanks!


I love that you selected orange color.
My preference is for the sunprinted image. I love the vintage look of it. I also love the stone-washed effect of the background.


I think they are both beautiful. I love the faded look of the sunprint, but I love the dimensional and sharp look of the second one as well.


They're both lovely.
Is the second one on glass with fabric behind it? It looks kind of 3D to me.


I love the top one myself. I think it would look beautiful framed.


I much prefer the mottled effect. It would make a lovely greeting card.

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