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02 April 2012


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These are wonderful! My partner is going to really enjoy making these when I show her this page. Thank you she will be so happy!


I used green cupcake liners for the tops of the carrots, so did not have to worry about dye or flattening. Worked great.


Before dipping them in stacks, I placed a rubber band around them closer to the base. Placed them on the dish rack upside down and in a sunny window. After an hour I removed the band and they have maintained their shape. I bought the cheap filters from WalMart, so far so good! Good luck.


I Just Love Flower Baskets Idea. It's a good Creative and very innovative idea.

Katie Adams

These are gorgeous! Thank you for sharing the tutorial on how you made them.

Christina @ I Gotta Create!

Super Cute! Pinning :)

<3 Christina @ I Gotta Create!
Wildly Original link party is open


Thanks, Leticia! I think you're right - very cute for a baby shower.

Leticia Villagomez

how cute I like this idea for a baby shower

or a mother's day gift. thank you for

sharing your ideas.


These are adorable! Thanks so much for sharing the how-tis- love the carrots! :)


Ann, did you dye them in stacks and dry the stacks upside down? I know that the filters I dyed individually flattened out and stayed that way (like the ones I did for the carrots). I may have dyed as many as a dozen of the filters at a time for the flowers, leaving them stacked tightly, and letting them dry for awhile before trying to pull them apart. If you did all that and it still didn't retain the ruffled shape, then I can only suggest trying a different brand. Hope you like your finished result anyway - after all, there's more than one kind of flower!

Ann in PA

Made these tonight. So cute. I have a quick question,how did you keep the round filters from flattening out? I even tried just dipping the edges with no luck.

doro von Hand zu Hand

a pretty idea!
I linked to your tutorial on my blog - thanks for sharing!

♥, doro von Hand zu Hand

Donaldson Filters

I just discovered you at the creative crow. These are extremely pretty! lovely!


These turned out beautiful! What a fun mom you are!


I just found you at the crafty crow. These are exceptionally pretty! lovely!


I believe I found mine at Michaels in either the cake decorating aisle or wedding.  It's possible places like Walmart and Party City have them, too.  I'd call first.  And if you call a place like Party City, it's possible that they refer to them as condiment cups, so I'd ask for that as well.

Good luck!  Have a happy Easter!


Could you tell me what stores (and where in the store) you can find those nut cups? Thanks!


Love these=) Too cute, pinned on my Pinterest for my girls parties! Thanks for the idea and how to=)


These baskets are really lovely, but, the carrots are especially brilliant!

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