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01 March 2012


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Hi Marissa, I'm trying to work on getting the archives from Momster (I managed to lose them in a hard drive crash, unfortunately.) So check back.

But in a nutshell, spray the back of a piece of lace with a repositionable adhesive, such as Elmer's spray adhesive. Press it into place over paper and lightly mist with flat spray paint or even white primer (and mask any parts you don't want to paint with a piece of scrap paper). When it's dry, just peel up the lace and you're good to go!


Hello! The link to your tutorial for spray painted lace projects no longer works. Is there any way to access it or repost the link? Thanks!

Betty J Schaub

These are beautiful. I love the technique.


I love this look! I did a similar project using this same method.


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