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23 January 2012


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Gloria McCarthy

What a Wonderful idea and I will be also doing this!


This is really beautiful!

Linda Leyble

I feel similarly - they are so beautiful but displayed this way it makes me sad. I know that the reputable dealers will not have killed the butterflies - but it is sad all the same.


PS - I do love your blog though. Found you via Melanie Royals' blog


These are really beautiful - I have a couple of gorgeous moths and wasn't sure what to do with them. The small shadow box may be perfect! Thanks.


Beautiful! I also love them and did some watercolors "botanical print" style for me and my sister.


This is beautiful! My Dad used to collect them, may need to dig his out!


These are just incredibly beautiful. It's nice to know that they are ethically harvested - I wasn't aware that was even done.


they just look totally awesome but make me feel so sad the same way!

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