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12 January 2012


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I have made the traditional hummingbird cake and must agree with only one of your comments. It must have been the cook. Don't always have to mess with time proven perfection when made correctly.


Bridget, this is probably the best link I found to answer your question. You'd still need to experiment with ingredients, but this would give you a framework to start with.



Think this can be made with out the bananas? What would be a good substitute?


Oh my gosh this has to be the best cake.....made it for Valentines Day for my husband, super moist and super wonderful taste!! Thank you for sharing it!!


Shauna, you would be correct! Thanks for catching that. I made the correction.


Wow.. I want that cake pronto!
I'm curious.. You call it a cream cheese icing, but it's a pure butter base. Should there be cream cheese in it too?

Noas' Libellule

Looks absolutely gorgeous! happy New year to you!

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