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25 January 2012


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Hi Phyllis,

Unfortunately, there aren't any complete graphics for the candy bar wrappers. They were made with with strips of patterned scrapbook paper then embellished with stickers and so forth. It's an easy project to replicate, with the newer designs you find in places like Michaels, but they won't be exactly the same since those papers have been discontinued.

Phyllis Fisher

How can we find the complete graphic for the Valentine candy bar wrappers - would love to do this. My son's birthday is on Valentines and this would be an extra treat. Thanks for all the fabulous ideas. I'm going to do the muslin bags as well. I have some left over from Christmas and will decorate them up for Valentines.

Chocolate Gifts

I am actually thinking about a unique or different way of making gifts for valentine's day and even for Christmas day. I like the idea of scrapbook paper candy bar wrappers they're so unique and very girly perfect for my girl friends.


I love the drink carrier...I might even make my own home brew as a surprise! :)


I absolutely love all of these ideas! Wish I had seen them sooner, I hope I can still track down a Feb BHG! Valentines is becoming a favorite holiday of mine too- it's so pretty!

funny valentine

The last hidden treasure should include a Valentine card expressing how much you have been enjoying their friendship.

Shannon @ A Mom's Year

These are all beautiful. I really have to try the scratch-off cards. I had no idea you could make these yourself!

Amy @ Living Locurto

Adorable ideas! It was great meeting you last weekend!!

Abbey Metcalf

where can i download the scratch off valentines? i love these ideas! thanks!

Car Insurance Seattle

Those muslin bags are lovely! Love it!


Yes, Sarah. You can use any stamp you like. I used regular pigment ink pads for the bags (allow for a little more drying time than paper). One note - pick a stronger colored ink because it will end up more muted on the muslin. If you use something light, like pastels, they won't have much impact.


I agree, those muslin bags are lovely, and would work for any occasion with a different stamp. Do you make them yourself?


I LOVE your muslin bags!

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