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20 December 2011


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Mich, Unfortunately, I don't think air dry clay is food safe. I don't know that there's anything particularly toxic in it, but you'd have to seal it in order to keep oils and so forth from penetrating the clay, and certainly that sealant wouldn't be food safe. So, decorative only, I'm afraid!


Hi Suzonne - these look great! I have a question - would you be able to use dishes/platters like these to serve food? I'm not talking soup or something really watery - more things like olives, nuts or a cake.

Thank you.


Hi Clare, Mine haven't broken, so it's been fine for me. But I imagine polymer clay would be a bit more durable since it's baked. However, the flip side is that the surface texture will look different and I like the slightly rough feel of air dry clay over the perfectly smooth texture of polymer. All in all, a personal choice (and if I make these again, I don't think I'll glaze them at all. I prefer a matte finish).


love these, but the air dry clay does break easily? is there any way of making it harder like ceramic polymer??


Hi Im your newest follower! LOVE these and will be making some for sure:) Come visit me wont you?


Hey! They're great! simple and effective : ) I'd love to try this one day.

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