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24 August 2011


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Hi Stephani,

It's a vintage display rack that I found at an antique mall. I've found several variations of those style racks at other antique malls over the years, so that's where I'd start looking. Ebay and Etsy might have something similar as well - search for "vintage display stand." And if I run across any, I'll email you!

Stephani Johnson

Where did you find the treat bag stand with clip. I have been searching for this exact thing?
Thank you,

keylogger for Mac

This is so funny. I thought we weren't going to hear from you for three days and everytime I refresh, there's a new fun post!

Kelly Bradley

I just finished reading "Night Circus" the day before I found your blog. So many of your vintage Halloween decorations made me think of the Night Circus, it was eerie and cool! I bet you would like the book : )
Great blog!


I found you today in 'Family Circle' ... sitting in the Doctor's office waiting room. I jotted your blog name down. I think it was FC. It was the article about the milk paint dresser. Loved it! I knew I would enjoy you and your blog! I'm not to far from you, Texas...


Loved the ideas, Suzonne! Fall is just around the corner (ok, it takes awhile for us down south, but it *does* get here).

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