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08 June 2011


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Can't believe we didn't cover this when you were in Des Moines this week. I'm staying in Brooklyn next month and would LOVE your suggestions of places to see...shops, restaurants, people/places....

research papers

there lived a million people. And all them always are very busy.


wow, so happy for you! was just there for a few days at the end of a month in the US and was so so impressed by how lovely Central Park is.....I never fully appreciated it the ten years I lived there! Enter on 72nd street and check out the fountains, the gorgeous bridge, the boats and then head over to the boat conservatory pond near 5th Avenue and be sure to go into the boat house to see all the hobbyist's boats! Also Riverside Drive Park is lovely as is Fort Tryon Park and don't miss the Cloisters! Also there are some great historic mansions that very few people know about, like the Morris Jummel Mansion among others. You might also enjoy Grant's Tomb and I just stopped into Pearl River on Broadway in Soho, a giant chinese emporium filled with stuff you'll definitely love....oh and don't forget to go the all the trim and fabric stores in the garment district mostly between 7th and 8th in the high 30's. Enjoy!


Welcome to NYC! While you're in Brooklyn (the better borough, for sure), son't miss the flea (http://www.brooklynflea.com/) and the Smorgasburg (http://brooklynflea.com/smorgasburg/). Enjoy!!

Nancy Thomas

Enjoy your time in NYC. I had some contract work there for about 6 months and had a corporate apt close enough for me to walk to work to a bldg on the corner 42nd and Lex. I don't know what all your interests are but if you like trims/ribbons, etc. M&J Trims at 6th and 37th (near Empire St bldg) is awesome plus there are other bead/button type stores nearby. Do you stamp? My favorite stamp store is The Ink Pad in Chelsea. It's tiny but just jam packed with art supplies.


Several quick recommendations for New York, if you haven't seen these yet:

--Check out the Tenement Museum in Manhattan (I think lower East Side); fascinating "time capsule" type look at the inside of an old building. Note: tours are at scheduled times, not walk-ins. You might need a reservation. http://www.tenement.org/about.html

--See if the fabulous Desert Sin (very theatrical, noir belly dance troupe) is performing anywhere local while you're in town: http://www.desertsin.com/

--Check the Village Voice, etc., for burlesque shows, jazz shows, the NYC Ballet schedule, etc.

--Go hear the Jack Grace band; they often play in Brooklyn; they'll be doing a late show there on the 10th; they were the highlight of the "cowpunk" show in San Francisco some yrs back: http://jackgrace.com/html/press/

--If it's still playing, check out British theater company PunchDrunk's performance of "Sleep No More," described in the NY Times as a "stylized mash-up of Shakespearean drama and Hitchcockian noir ... Audience members don masks and explore some 100 rooms and environments, including a spooky hospital, mossy garden and bloody bedroom. An eerie soundtrack fills the air as costumed performers move about all six floors re-enacting pivotal scenes from 'Macbeth.' "

Have fun!

Greg Bulmash

So, is Hudson going to get to see the river that was named after him?

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