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03 June 2011


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Wicker, It has been a long time since I've made those and honestly, I can't remember what I did for those. I decided shortly after that, that I preferred unfinished clay to painted. I've never looked back since! However, I'm pretty sure it was just acrylic craft paint and I would have mixed it with glaze medium (usually found in the same aisle at the crafts store as the acrylic craft paint).


Hi I'm just starting to experiment with air dry clay and loved the colours you have used. Can you advise how you colour and glaze your finished products? 😀


Yas, I'm just guessing, but I'd say at least 1/2 a pack for a charger.


This is great! If I wanted to make charger plates (12"-13"), how much clay do you think I would need?


Hi Bonnie,

Thank you (and I'm trying to work on those Family Circle links). At any rate, I think the only way you'd be able to use air dry clay for something like soap is to seal it with some type of polyurethane or glaze. However, I did see a waterproof air dry clay called "Lumina." I think it's available at Joann's, probably online as well. I have no experience with it, so I can't vouch for it. But it does say that, after drying, it's waterproof and extremely durable. I think that would be a better option for you. Let me know how it goes!

Bonnie Howard

I would like to make some of these to use as soap dishes. Do you think the air dried clay will hold up to the moist environment that is common to soap dishes? I make soap and think it would be great to have soap dishes that match the theme of my soap - for instance I have a soap that has a pine cone on top and the evergreen plate would work perfectly.

I have read your other posts regarding clay (btw the one from Family Circle is not longer available). You are so creative.

Thank you


Hi Diane - I've made dishes but none of them are food safe. They only way to do that, I'm afraid, is with a kiln (and with regular pottery clay). This is just one of those projects that's good for decorative pieces. Any ceramics studios in your area that you can pay to fire for you?


Love this. I have been working with firing clay for about a year now and I love it, however I don't access to a kiln. Someone suggested I try air-dry clay. I can actually throw this on my wheel but didn't know how to glaze. I was doing a search and came across this blog and I love this! I plan on using making some plates. I know you have said you have made dishes, but how do you make them food safe?


Wow :) they are really amazing :)


Diane, I believe that I did use both the glaze and the varnish. But in projects I've done since then, I actually prefer the clay without varnish. It's up to you whether you want a matte or shiny finish - I'm a matte person, myself.

Diane Ugo

Did you use both glaze and varnish on each piece?


Claudete, you only need the forms to lay the clay naturally on them. Here's what I do (I'm going to use a shallow bowl as an example):

1. I roll out the clay onto a non-stick clay mat (maybe about 1/8-inch thick)

2. I put the shallow bowl face down onto the piece of clay and then cut around the edge of the bowl with an X-acto knife (so that my circle of clay is the same size as the outer rim of the bowl).

3. I put the bowl down on the table, lift my clay circle from the mat, then gently lay it into the bowl. Gravity pulls the bottom of the clay down to form the shape of the bowl and the bowl supports the clay while it is drying. After the clay has set (for a number of hours), then I it out of the bowl so that the bottom can finish drying.

So really, you're mostly using the forms to support the clay while it's drying. I hope that helps! Have fun!


Great article, totally what I needed.

Claudete May

I know someone else already asked this question: which kind of "forms" (plates, bowls, coasters. items that we have around the house)can be used to form the pieces and the clay should be pressed into it (a plate for example) or the clay lay naturally into it. LOVE ALL THE PIECES you have done. Went out bought supplies (but DAS brand of clay it seems a bit too hard for my hands, got something else recommended by Michaels' employee. Can't wait to make some pieces. Please let me know what kind of dishes/pieces should I use for "mold" Thanks a Million! A Brazilian fan.

Kathy Mc

The textures are great...in reading the article everything is air dried and painted with varnish. So, these aren't food safe, as 'Greg' referenced above. Need specific clay body, high fire glazes and a kiln. But, they are great for coin collectors or cover with towels to serve breads and things. I guess it's one more reason that handmade pottery costs more.


Schea - Thank you! You can follow the link in this post to get complete directions from Family Circle.com, but as an overview, I turned the bowls or plates upside down on a piece of clay and used a clay knife to trim the clay to size. Then I placed the dish right side up, lifted the clay with my hands or a spatula, and gently placed it inside of the corresponding dish. After that, gravity pretty much takes over and the clay molds itself to the shape of the foundation piece underneath. Only after it feels mostly dry did I remove it from the dish and turn it over so the back side could dry.


I love this idea! How do you get to make their shape? Do you press the clay in the dishes or just place it and let it settle into the shape?


Wansa, it depends on the clay you're using. DAS, the brand I used for these projects, is specifically air-dry and that's exactly what I did. Have fun!

Wansa McGhee

Hi, Do these have to be baked or just air dried? They don't have to go into a kiln do they?


Thanks, Laura. I appreciate that! And you should try it - not at all difficult and so much fun! The possibilities are just endless. (See this link for clay dishes that I made over the winter) -



This looks absolutely amazing! I am so glad to have stumbled across your post and I look forward to giving this a try myself. :) I shared your link at http://creativityunmasked.blogspot.com.au/2012/08/six-for-saturday-or-sunday.html


Oh so fine - i really want to start making it. I have made some littel boxes out of clay myself... Its a wonderfull thing to work with. If you want you can see Them on pinterest.

lisa bdidi

Hi I there are recipes on pin interest to make your own air dry clay,.
the ingredients are, cornflour, or cornstarch, oil, vinegar and 1 other ingredient.

lisa B


wow i love this totally! it's a lovely diy for gifts as well, such a lovely idea!

Bikram Miami

These are all very pretty

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