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03 May 2011


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Angie, Take a look at antiques malls if you have them in your area. I find them there more than at thrift stores. But what size are you looking for? I'll keep my eyes open for you.


I have been looking for the little tart tins for a long time and have never come across any at all the thrift stores, Goodwill etc.I have visited. They are hard to find and I would love to have some to re-purpose.


You might find that experiemnting with gelatin brings your interest back. Beyond simple jello or gross salmon mousse or ambrosia there is a whole tasty world of gin and tonic gelatin, mojito gelatin and ice-cream gelatins that are quite delightful. You should check out the self-professed "jello mold queen of Brooklyn's" blog http://jellomoldmistress.com - you may be inspired =)


LOVE this post! Just found your blog yesterday and adore your style.
Can I ask how you hung these? I had two in my hand today at the thrift store, but put them back b/c I just couldn't figure out how to hang them!!
Thanks! xoxo

Betty aka ZacksNana

these are all awesome uses for these tins. I agree with you, and I am soutern born and southern bread as well as you, I never liked the "jello molds" as my Grandma Rozina used to call them. But in your photos above, I love the Jenny Bowlin things and the LIGHT FIXTURE! How awesome is that?!!!


Nice post - reminds me of a couple of articles I wrote for our local paper on recycling kitchen stuff. Thanks for reminding me. I just might repost them in my recycling blog.

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