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16 May 2011


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I do not live in one of those places and can't even imagine being one of those people who have lost so much, but I can certainly understand the feeling of home that you are talking about. I am an easterner by transplant but would readily call NC home.

One day I will get there. If you are lucky enough to find the place that calls to your soul, no matter where it is, that is where you should be.

Loved your post!


I, too, have a heavy heart for those in the path of flood waters. I know they will survive and bounce back, but to think of the struggles they face is heavy in my mind and very sad. May God bless them all.


Beautifully stated...I have forwarded this to all my friends here in New Orleans, and to relatives elsewhere who do not understand.


Your post is so poignant and beautiful in this time of worry and fear for so many people.

Ever since a move 4 years ago, I've been personally wrestling with the idea of "home" -- where is it, what is it, what makes a place feel like home ... for me personally but for others, too, especially in a 21st century society where so many families and generations are spread out. I know that where I am now does not feel like home, but I'm stuck here for the time being with a mortgage that's financially underwater. But along the Mississippi, people are faced with being *literally* underwater and losing places that are dear to them and hold so many memories.

Truer words were never spoken than those you've written here: "I know that you can't just plant yourself anywhere in the great wide world and expect that it'll become home. Some places grab you and don't let go, places where you aren't able to tell where your body ends and the Earth begins, part of everything above and beneath you. If you had that, what wouldn't you give to keep that sacred place? I know a lot of my fellow Louisianians understand this."

I envy that sense of home and place and belonging. That feeling is worth all those risks. (And every place carries risks: flood or hurricane or earthquake or tornado) And in the end, the place that one has loved, and the community that one has built and given to, will see people through, one way or another.


Well said Suzonne.

Nancy Thomas

Thank you for putting into words how I am feeling. I cannot get my head wrapped around what is happening to our beloved south. I try to ignore the comments I see on the internet because it makes me so sad for humanity.

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