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06 May 2011


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China cabinets

You have done an incredible job. You have make the cabinet more than a new one. At first glance, I too thought that this would be the new cabinet bought by you. But after reading your blog, I come to know that this is the great painting done on a older one. You have chosen the best color to paint it I must say.


Just beautiful. I'm totally inspired now to create my own transformations. Thanks!

teresa granath

This is too yummy for words, I am getting in my car right now to drive to New Orleans and steal it from you!

heather j

I agree the cabinet was gorgeous before but I love how the paint excentuates all the positives and lines in the piece. You did a lovely job!

Whitney @ Whisker Graphics

Simply stunning! You had the vision and it paid off! Now I want to try milk paint!


Nice makeover and the wallpaper idea is brilliant.

Plain & Fancy Living

Wow! This is gorgeous! I will have to try this milk paint. I think this looks like a piece of Martha Stewart furniture.

Your photography really inspires me to take better pictures.

Have a wonderful Mother's Day!
Amy R.

Betty aka ZacksNana

Ok, first off, the cabinet was gorgeous to begin with. But girl! The transformation is flawless and stunning! You'd have thought it was purchase this way! Love it! Never tried Milk Paint before but sounds like you really enjoyed the process. :O)


I love it! Absolutely beautiful. You did a great job!

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