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12 April 2011


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Kathi Louis

Hi, Years have passed since the original post. I was just wondering if anyone has tried gluing on the flowers with a glue gun? Also, does anyone have anything new to add from their experience while trying to do this. Thought I would try this on a picture frame first. Thanks for any updates!

Wasser Staggs

Wow! I love that mirror. Have to try this.
Thanks for the idea.

Burbage Grigsby

Wow very nice informative post. It has a very comprehensive instructions here. I love the mirror designed with poly-fabric flowers. Very fabulous stuff.

Shive Hutcheson

The title 'In Full Bloom' explains how beautiful are your creations. Good job indeed!

Plastic Coating

Great blog, this project turned out nice.

Heather Sauber

Where can you find the poly-fabric flowers to use for the project? I contacted Michael's and they said they did not carry any . . .


One other note - Kelly asked me what kind of adhesive I used for this project. I used Beacon 527 Multi-Use Glue. I had great success with it and I'm usually able to find it at Michaels and other craft stores.


Elise - It's unlikely that you'll mess up once you get to the part where you're gluing the flowers on. Most of the trial and error will have to do with the plastering of the flowers.

However, I purchased this mirror at Lowe's and I think it was about $40 (somewhere in the 26-28" range). But you can always buy a smaller beveled mirror at craft stores like Michaels and experiment with that. I think those run around $10, maybe less. But since they're smaller and more lightweight, I'd stick with flowers in the small to medium range.

Good luck! I hope you have fun!


Can anyone suggest where I might buy a mirror suitable for this project (preferably an inexpensive one)? I'd like to make one for my daughter's room but don't want to spend a lot of money on the mirror in case I mess it up somehow. Thanks! It is a lovely mirror!


This is the most beautiful mirror I think I've ever seen! Just lovely....Can you tell me what size mirror was used?


Thanks all! This was such a creatively fulfilling project for me. I'm glad people are enjoying it.


Love this idea, Suzonne. I've seen the flowers in white only, but I love the mix of colors you used. So pretty! :)


I actually discovered your blog through the article about this! Your mirror is beautiful and I really want to try this now!


This looks beautiful Suzonne--I want to give it a try now...off to find a copy of your article.

Lisa @celebrate CREATIVITY

What a delightful and colorful blog. A pleasure to browse. I'll definitely give these plaster flowers a try sometime.

Found you through the FC article. Congrats on the feature. It looks great.

I've bookmarked you to visit again later.

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